Monday, June 4, 2007

Getting Started with L4Ka::Pistachio On Harddisk
Ihor Kuz gives a step by step to start L4Ka::Pistachio using floppy, actually we can use hard disk start L4Ka::Pistachio, It is direct and simple. Blow is what I have done.

Building L4, same as descript of Ihor Kuz. I only gives steps.

CVS or Unpacking the tarball
cd pistachio-0.4/kernel
make BUILDDIR=$(pwd)/../ia32-kernel-build

cd ../ia32-kernel-build
make menuconfig
Configuring the kernel

In make menuconfig type `x' to save the configuration and exit, `q' to exit without saving. In make xconfig choose File->Save & Exit from the menu.

mkdir pistachio-0.4/ia32-user-build
cd pistachio-0.4/ia32-user-build
make install
Configuring user-level

It may be a good idea to copy the kernel to the same directory as the servers, e.g., then copy all boot need files to boot directory

cp pistachio-0.4/ia32-kernel-build/ia32-kernel pistachio-0.4/ia32-user-install/libexec/l4/
cp pistachio-0.4/ia32-user-install/libexec/l4/* /boot/

Then modify the file /boot/grub/grub.conf with the following contents

# serial --port=0x3f8 --speed=115200
# terminal --timeout=0 serial
title L4Ka::Pistachio
kernel /kickstart
module /ia32-kernel
module /sigma0
module /pingpong

Reboot system, select L4Ka::Pistachio from grub menu. You will enter L4Ka::Pistachio test if all is OK.

Note: I just download the snapshot tarball and build them on redhat EL4, maybe this can help you build success.


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WAP said...
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WAP said...

sorry could you help me to slove a problem when i build the L4Ka user level application

mkdir pistachio-0.4/ia32-user-build
cd pistachio-0.4/ia32-user-build

configure: error: can't find sources in ../user or ..

but i have download all of the file use "hg clone"(form L4Ka offical web)

could you help me?? thanks..^^